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Video Testimonials Made with Milk

This video was collected via a link and edited on Milk Video within 3 hours.

This  testimonial was collected and edited on Milk Video within 2 hours!

This testimonial was turned into an audiogram - as another way to present the clip

This webinar was converted into a video testimonial using Milk's editing features

“If you have a small team that needs to make a lot of media,
Milk makes your team superhuman.

Cody Schneider, Rupa Health

How Milk Video Works

Send a Link For Customers to Record

Choose your questions and send them to your customers to record their individual responses.

Edit the Raw Footage within Minutes

Edit your videos in Milk by taking advantage of our video templates and powerful design editor.

Distribute Across All Platforms With Ease

Create multiple variations of your videos (eg audiogram) to test visuals or to simply size appropriately for all social channels.

What our customers say

"Video testimonials are key for recruiting teachers of our online tutoring service, and Milk Video has been an amazing platform for us.

We've been able to interview a teacher and turn it into a video testimonial to be used across all channels within a day. Before this we were spending thousands on video editors and producers to execute just one video a quarter!"

Rahul Kalita, Co-founder

“If you have a small team that needs to make a lot of media,
Milk makes your team superhuman

Cody, Growth Marketing Manager

What are the main use cases for Milk Video?

With Milk Video, customer testimonials are the most common use case. However, the platform is also used for content like collecting employee testimonials (eg for recruiting), and capturing thought leadership soundbites for social media.

Our editor also allows for marketers to take existing videos, eg webinars or Zoom interviews, and spin them into short, captioned clips.

How long does it take to launch the 1st video?

You can create questions and send to clients within 5-10 minutes.

We often see clients creating a campaign and testing it internally first to see the power of the platform.

How does Milk's pricing plan work?

You can sign up to Milk for free.

Our paid plans, which include more storage, customization features, and campaigns, start from as low as $6 USD p/m per user.

Do I edit the videos myself?

Yes. You have full control over the editing process - but don't worry about the design process as we have templates that will easily help you create videos that are perfect for your website and social media.

With our templates, you can automatically add captions, add your logo, edit the brand colors and much more.

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