Turn Your Webinar into Video Highlights

Effortlessly clip, caption & design your webinar & Zoom recordings to share the best moments in short, engaging video highlights.

Watch a video highlight in action

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Take long webinar & Zoom recordings and turn them into on-brand, captioned video highlights in minutes.

Common's webinar recording

Webinar Recording for Common Co-Living.
[57 minutes long]

How Common turned their webinar into a short video clip for Linkedin

Video highlight created in Milk Video, with captions and custom branding. [2 mins long]

Engage your audience with captions

80% of people have their audio turned off when scrolling through their social media feeds, so captioning is key to capturing the eye of your audience.

With Milk, simply upload a video to have it automatically transcribed and add captions to your video.

10x your video content in minutes

In each webinar recording, there are so many quotable moments to pull. The challenge is often the work in extracting them from the video.

Milk Video allows you to seamlessly clip multiple sections and thus immediately increase the value of your original asset.

Create clips you are proud of

Getting a video that meets your company's brand guidelines across the finish line can be a challenge for marketers who don't have design skills.

Milk gives content marketers a platform to edit a video with ease and confidence to create an engaging video highlight.